Training Projects

wordle5Before we can think about delivering training for your business, we have to first understand your business.  To do this we will work closely with your Project Team and other key members of staff to get an idea of how you work.  There are a number of questions that we will ask that will form the foundations of your training strategy.

The training strategy is the most important document you will receive as it will highlight a number of objectives and considerations which include;

  • Estimated Costs and Charges
  • Blended Learning Channels open for selection
  • Identification of Attendees (TNA)
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Advised Delivery Schedule
  • Overall Timescales
  • Possible venue options (if required)

From the information provided, you can be clear as to what you as the business are agreeing to and paying for.

Throughout the project we will update the Training Strategy depending on the agility of the project, however it should be noted that this may have cost implications to this business.  We will also provide additional documentation to support the training rollout including Lesson Plans and Training Resources (if chosen).  Following the training we will evaluate the training process used against the Training Strategy and create a post-training report for your business to use against future training projects.

All documentation will be provided to you in Portable Document Format (PDF).




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