What we do

Software and Hardware Training

At Blue Rose we work with the client to understand who the end users are and at what level to pitch resources at.  We deliver targeted results for your future success.

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Whether your training needs are large scale projects or small training rollouts, investment in high quality and effective training is vital and is what we do.  Outsourcing training to Blue Rose Relations can be seen as the most cost effective preferred model as it enables a business to bring in skilled, reliable and trusted trainers for a short period of time or for the length of your project.  This allows in-house trainers to continue with business as usual tasks until the time comes when a handover is provided.

The benefits of working with Blue Rose Relations as your preferred training supplier means that.

  • What we do is fulfil the training role within a project quickly and easily from start to finish by contract
  • You can be sure that you will receive high quality and professional training solutions that will meet your needs
  • Stay within budgetary constraints and know what you’re getting
  • Targeted and well planned training will reduce costs of calling support desks after ‘go live’
  • Focus on core competencies and decrease risk of incorrect use of the product by the user that could result in cost implications to the business and worse still, loss of business
  • Ensure users are able to use your products with ease by producing high quality blended learning including user guides and software simulations
  • Provide a clear handover to in-house trainers and super-users
  • Invest in a cost effective ‘as and when’ approach to training in contrast to employing full time staff.

Professional & Personal Coaching and Human Relations

At Blue Rose we believe that feeling stuck in how you’re thinking or feeling doesn’t have to mean you can’t move forward. 

screaming manPressure to become more competitive in the workplace, facing too much work with not enough hours in the day to do everything at home and work are just two examples of issues than can be detrimental to your mental health.

Coaching and Human Relations can help almost anyone in any situation.  It focuses on people taking action towards realising their true potential, aspirations, goals and desires.   Whilst many people have no trouble in doing this for themselves, others can get stuck which in turn can lead to anxiety, stress and potentially depression.

What we do is provide structure and support to all clients to take an overall look at their current state including assumptions and perceptions about what is happening for them.  We will work with them to plan ahead, set realistic goals that aims to improve self-awareness, develop strengths and talents, enhance lifestyles, fulfil aspirations and bring back quality of life.

Our process is both thought-provoking, creative and designed to inspire clients to maximise their personal and professional potential.  The process also aims to dramatically improve their outlook on work and life whilst improving their leadership skills.


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