IT Training Consultancy

We will assist you in making the right decisions regarding training interventions. From writing training strategies and creating documentation to recruiting specialist IT Trainers.

Training Documentation

From Quick Reference Guides to Software Simulations, we will create high quality and user friendly training resources to meet all your training needs.

Blended Learning

We use the best learning approaches to optimise knowledge transfer and ensure each learning style is catered for.

Continued Development

As qualified Human Relations Consultants, we offer professional 1-2-1 coaching, mentoring and train-the-trainer workshops to ensure continued professional development.

Blue Rose Relations Ltd

Providing strategic, measurable and effective training solutions that contributes to the success of your business.

Project Implementations

Businesses are keen to bring in new products but often tend to overlook its complexity or the extent of which training is needed. In addition, trainers are at times considered as last minute requirements and not consulted when it comes to valuable input about the new system or hardware being implemented. We encourage businesses to bring in our skills early in a project so that we can assess how each element works in relation to training. We work with Change Management teams, SMEs, Project Managers and Stakeholders to understand the most effective ways of delivering training. We then go on to create Training Strategies and other training documentation including Training Needs Analysis and Session Plans and in accordance with your budget, we consider the most effective and reliable blended learning interventions which support all learning styles.

Supporting Your Blended Learning Solutions

As businesses move forward and become even more complex, there’s even more reasons for adopting blended learning approaches that will target staff rapidly and economically. Mistakes are often made when subject matter experts put focus on what they know and not what the learners need. There shouldn’t be an assumption that learners will understand easily how things work just by showing them. The fact remains that training should not be seen as a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Blended Learning interventions is just a simple term meaning to educate using a combination of technical and traditional delivery methods. There will always be a need to spend precious time and effort on working through the consultation phases of planning training. However when delivering to a large target audience, there will be significant time and cost savings when blended learning solutions are used.

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